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What is CasperFlip?

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CasperFlip is an on-chain, double or nothing game that epitomizes provable fairness in online gaming. When players place a deposit, they stand the chance to double if they win. This simple yet thrilling mechanic is implemented directly on the blockchain, ensuring transparency and fairness for all participants.

The game operates on a unique revenue model where a 4% fee is added on top of each deposit. This fee is utilized primarily to replenish the house's funds, in case it needs to, and to distribute earnings to NFT holders. These NFTs are not just collectibles but serve as utility tokens that represent a share in the game's contract. Holding more NFTs entitles the owner to a larger share of the collected fees, effectively paying dividends to the stakeholders.

This model not only ensures the game's sustainability but also rewards its community by turning every NFT into a potential source of passive income. As players engage with the game, they contribute to and benefit from the ecosystem, making CasperFlip a pioneering platform in the decentralized gaming space.


What's with the NFTs?

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The NFTs in CasperFlip are more than just digital art; they are integral to the game's financial model and community engagement, as the game is owned by NFT holders. Each NFT serves as a utility token, providing holders with a stake in the game's revenue. By owning an NFT, you are entitled to a portion of the fees collected from the game, distributed as dividends. This transforms each NFT from a mere collectible into a valuable asset that generates passive income for its holder.

Furthermore, our NFTs offer exclusive access to future airdrops, providing additional value to the community members. The minting of these NFTs will be a private event, available only to whitelisted participants. This approach ensures that early supporters and dedicated community members are rewarded with the first opportunity to invest and participate in the growth and success of CasperFlip.

Being whitelisted not only guarantees access to the mint, up to 3 NFTs (RULES TBA), but also places you at the heart of the community, where you can influence future developments, and enjoy the benefits of being an early adopter in a transparent, fair, and community-driven platform. As the platform evolves, NFT holders will continue to play a crucial role in shaping the future of CasperFlip, making these tokens a cornerstone of both governance and profit-sharing.

Launch Week

When & How?

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As the whitelist contract will be deployed and the rules posted, participants can prepare for the whitelisting process. This critical phase is scheduled to commence shortly, with exact dates and instructions to be announced on the telegram group and website.

To participate on the minting, ensure you are approved on the whitelist. Once the contract is live, whitelisted addresses will be able to connect their wallets to our dedicated minting page, where they can claim and purchase their NFTs. The process is designed to be straightforward and user-friendly, supporting all available wallets, ensuring all participants can easily navigate through the steps.

Detailed tutorials and support will be available to guide you through the whitelisting & minting process, from connecting your wallet to completing your transaction. Keep an eye on our telegram channel for the latest updates and prepare for an exciting launch week!

Future Roadmap

The Road Ahead

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As the community continues to develop and refine CasperFlip, our commitment to innovation and security remain paramount. In the upcoming phases, we plan to implement Verifiable Random Functions (VRF) through available oracles to ensure the truest form of randomness possible. This technology will allow us to provide cryptographic proof that each result was determined fairly & out of our control, enhancing trust within our community.

Additionally, we are exploring more interactive features, raffles, lotteries & special player cards, as NFTs, for our players to increase engagement and provide more value. We're also aiming to expand our partnerships with other Casper projects and create affiliate programs.

Stay tuned for more updates as we roll out these features, and thank you for being a part of the CasperFlip journey.👻

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